Reclaim your lunchbreak!

Here at WR HQ we like to take a proper lunch break to head out for a run, to the gym or the nearest cafe for a hot chocolate! Sadly, press deadlines and meetings often put paid to this - meaning we barely find time to do anything but eat lunch at our desks while pouring over copy.   This isn't healthy and does the stress levels no good at all. But when we can we make an effort to reclaim that golden hour - the lunch break - to head to the Thames Towpath to get some fresh air and clear the head.   Do you run during your lunch - if so send in your #lunchtimerun pictures! If you don’t yet run at lunch why not give it a go and #reclaimyourlunchbreak!
Online ed Carys took this picture during a #lunchtimerun earlier this week. lunchtime-run

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